February 23, 2022


Presentations And Screen Sharing Are More Effective And Efficient With Clan Meeting

It might seem to be a surprise for you to learn that 2020 was the year when video conferencing completed its 150th year. It took until the 1930s for the term "video" to be coined, and until the 1960s for the term "conferencing" to be added. It wasn't until the 1970s that the public became aware of the technology. Later innovations, such as the World Wide Web, would expand the possibilities of online video conferencing and the peerless features that come with it like the ones we have at Clan Meeting.

Despite its long and colorful history, online video conferencing is far from obsolete. It's taken decades for it to properly find its place in the world and now free video conferencing APIs are making it possible. However, as organizations strive to keep up with the changes and stay ahead of the competition, choosing Clan Meeting for video conferencing can be used as a cost-effective communication tool in the current day. The best video conferencing API in the USA and India can be integrated into your websites and apps making your employers reach thousands of their employees through varied screen sharing, whiteboard and low-bandwidth features.

Discover and explore how choosing Clan Meeting for video conferencing can benefit your business and its training processes with the help of its PRESENTER MODE!

1. Improve Employee Comprehension With Our Presenter Mode

Effective training video conferences have been found to boost employee comprehension and comfort as compared to face-to-face staff training. It's critical that your staff is empowered to accomplish their duties correctly, but it's also important to let them expand their expertise in a more informal and flexible manner, and this is possible with our leading plug and play video conferencing API and its amazing presenter mode.

Assume you're training a completely new employee on topics like how to utilize e-commerce analytics tools via the internet. For newcomers, an eCommerce tool's interface might be perplexing. Fortunately, using a video conferencing API like the one offered by Clan Meeting will make it easy and effective for both of you to communicate and show the job's step-by-step procedure.

During an online video conferencing session, employees may ask questions and offer comments much more easily – and quickly. Video has been proven to not only engage viewers better than any other media but also efficiently convey information in a more comfortable and flexible manner. It's been proven that facial expressions, body language and other nonverbal forms of communication may help people understand a topic and person better. The way we operate in our daily lives exemplifies this notion and 66% of customers would rather watch a product video and attend an interactive presentation than read about it, so achieve every possible milestone in your staff- managing cycle by Choosing Clan Meeting for video conferencing.

2. Cost-Effective Solution

Choosing video conferencing and the presenter mode by Clan Meeting for training your staff and teammates can be the best decision ever. You can actually experience how cost-effective it is. Many smaller businesses have been hit hard by the global pandemic, and adopting free video conferencing APIs saves money in the long run.

Bringing all your employees together in one place can be costly and time-consuming for both parties. But by integrating Clan Meeting Video API for video conferencing and business presentations, you can have the best video conference for your small businesses without spending much.

Consider the cost of a video conferencing API investment then compare it to that of the fuel, rail, airport, and hotel fees required to bring your workers into the same room, you’ll see that choosing a free video-conferencing API was a better and best option. Additionally, think of the time your employees lose while traveling.

3. It’s 100% Safe And More Interactive

As a result of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, we've had to make a necessary but the most difficult transition of all, managing the staff and their communications. Face masks and social distancing restrictions have made the convenience of large office space with everyone working under one roof look delightfully 'old school.'

Prior to the pandemic and the development of home working, most of us recall the dreadful winter colds that were passed through our offices because of miscommunications. Fortunately, we all have Clan Meeting for video conferencing and presentations which makes communications smoother, seamless and easy with its screen sharing and other varied features within the presenter mode.

We must contemplate the future because there is now no end in sight for things to revert to 'business as usual.' This global pandemic has prompted company owners to go outside the box and use remote work solutions like opting for the free video conferencing API offered by Clan Meeting. We have no business without our labor, and we have no economy without our health. Stay home and utilize the power of Clan meeting’s presenter mode.

4. Access It Anywhere - Anytime

We all want the greatest people to work for our company. Preparing for offline presentations is too stressful and has limitations, but that’s not the case with the presenter mode in Clan Meeting video conferencing solution. The digital revolution has given everyone more power, and the days of suits, ties, and 9-5 are long gone. Online video conferencing is in trend nowadays. Most organizations are leaning toward encouraging an atmosphere where employees can genuinely be themselves, from having flexible working hours to allowing employees to wear jeans and T-shirts to work.

These days, adopting a business culture that empowers people is essential. Flexibility is an important component of this puzzle. A free plug and play video conferencing API can be integrated within your website or app and it can be accessed not only from home on a laptop but also from anywhere in the globe through a tablet or mobile phone.

To get the best talent on your team and keep them happy, think of the process as being no different from an e-commerce customer journey. Flexibility is an important upside when reaching out to new employees, choose Clan Meeting for video conferencing now! It’ll not only make your communications easy and effective but will also help your employees in preparing and delivering excellent presentations from the comfort of their homes.

The Takeaway

Employers need to constantly change and evolve with the world around us. With the abundance of tools and APIs for businesses, we can seamlessly attract & keep our customers happy by opting for advanced APIs like choosing Clan Meeting for video conferencing that come along with excellent modes like the presenter mode to make your presentation journey more light, smooth and interactive.

If online video conferencing is the future, then using Clan Meeting’s video conferencing video calling platform is a solution that benefits both employers and employees.

Ayushman Chatterjee


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