Unbelievable Pricing

HD Video Calling (Volume based pricing)


per minute per participant

If usage more than 200000

participant-minutes in a month


per minute per participant

If usage is between

100001 & 200000

participant-minutes in a month


per minute per participant

If usage up to 100000

participant-minutes in a month


# Custom branding & logo

# Unlimited concurrent meetings

# HD Recording & Live Streaming

# Recordings on your own cloud

# Up to 60 participants in a meeting

# Meeting usage report

# Workplace emoji pack [new]

# File sharing [new]

# JWT Authenticated rooms

# Attendance

# Free access to our mobile apps

# Host Controls and Co-hosting

# Cross-device compatibility

# Quick API integration

# Auto scaling

# Email support

# Personal rooms

# Lobby & Whiteboard

# Button controls

# Other conferencing features

Recording / Live Stream


per minute

Depends only on duration

NOT on the number of participants in a meeting

Cloud Storage


per GB per month

1 GB = Approximately 100 minutes of recording

No charges if you use your own cloud storage

Base Price


per month

Fully adjusted against your monthly bill

Cost Calculator


Individuals looking for an alternative to other providers. Business owners, startups looking to integrate video API with their applications. Schools and organizations looking to switch to a usage based model.

No. All features are available to all Clan Meeting users irrespective of usage.

We provide cloud storage for you to store the recordings at a nominal price. However, we also give you the option to save the recordings directly to your own cloud storage at no extra cost!


At present, recordings can only be stored to S3 buckets.

It is a minimum monthly cost that needs to be paid if your total usage for the month is less than this amount. It is settled wholly against your usage at the end of each month if you exceed this amount. 

JWT authentication is used to authenticate the meetings. Additionally, waiting lobby and password protected rooms are also available.

Yes. Click on Try Now to test all features. You can also try our apps on Play Store and App Store. For API users, you can integrate with our test environment and test all you want, no limitation. Pay only when once you are ready to switch to production.

Scale your business to unprecedented heights without worrying about the costs with our volume based pricing. Where you pay lesser as you grow and get rewarded as our relationship gets stronger.


Once you reach a certain usage, ALL the meetings are charged at a flat discounted rate of up to 33%!

Participant minutes is a more popular unit to measure meeting usage. With 1 participant-minute, 1 participant can join a meeting for 1 minute. It is calculated for each meeting separately as follows:


number of participants x duration of meeting in minutes


Then these values are added to get the total usage.

Yes. We will provide documentation, guidance and support to your development team for the integration. Please contact us and we can start right away.

Yes. Please contact us for further details.

We store only the minimum information needed to share the meeting usage stats and participant list with you. You can even choose to disable collection of participant display names.


Your production meetings are secured and recordings are separated for each of our clients and stored securely. We also provide you an option to store your recordings to a cloud provider of your choice into your own account.


For more details please read our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.