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What is a video conferencing API?

In simple words, Video Conferencing API is a piece of code using which you can add video conferencing capabilities within your websites and mobile apps without knowing about the internals or working of a conferencing software.

You can enjoy high quality video conferencing as a service without worrying about the infrastructure, upgrades, scalability or stability of the conferencing servers. We manage all of this for you so that you can concentrate on building your product quickly.

Using a video conferencing API is also a more cost-effective solution than hosting your own conferencing servers (and maintaining them by hiring experts). Additionally, you get all the customization options within the API that you would ever need to complete your dream project.


Custom Branding Demo

See example branding for an adventure travel gear company

Custom Logo and Branding

Mitch Parker

Director, All Access Interpreters

Clan Meeting has helped us migrate our customers completely on to video conferencing through a software solution that involved a complex business logic. We are now able to scale without worrying about on-site agent transits. The operational costs have reduced by a lot and more agents are now available to take calls with the convenience of working from home.


Hassle Free Superfast Setup

Get up and running in just a few minutes. Save your time and optimize your energy on growing your business.

Pay As You Go Pricing

Pay only for what you use with our pay-as-you-go pricing model. Get volume discounts as your usage increases.

Hosting In A Nearby Region

Your meetings are hosted in a region closest to you. This drastically improves the conference quality.

Integration Assistance

 We are there to assist your development teams in case you need any help with the integration.

Detailed Documentation

Detailed user guide available documenting each and every step needed to integrate and customize the API as per your needs.

Custom Logo and Colors

You can have your own logo and background color or background image within the video conferencing calls.

JWT Authentication & Lobby

Locked rooms which require tokens. Option to programmatically lock rooms with password and enable lobby.

Data Privacy

We collect minimal data and take data privacy seriously. You have the option to control what data should be collected.


Automatically capture the names of all the participants who joined your meetings. You can turn off attendance if you want.

Incredibly Customizable

You have an extensive list of methods, properties and events to control the look and behavior of your meetings.

Advanced Features

Whiteboard, low bandwidth mode, file sharing, screen sharing, polls, reactions, chat and many more.

Scalability & Stability

Be prepared 24x7 to handle a sudden influx in the traffic and be ready for campaigns with auto scaling and self healing servers.

Moderation & Co-Hosting

Mute and kick participants. Grant moderator access to co-hosts. Restrict access to meetings and certain features.

Cost Effective

Super affordable with no compromise on quality and service. Compare with others and see for yourself.

Tech Support

We are just an email away in case of any issues or questions. We will also help with integrating Clan Meeting into your product.

Check all boxes on the compliance form

Send video recordings to your cloud account

Although we provide a storage option for recordings, you can choose to send the recordings directly to your cloud provider e.g. Amazon, Digital Ocean, Wasabi or any S3 compatible cloud storage provider.


Monthly Stats

Video Meetings
Customers served! 10372 + Meetings


Meeting Minutes
Customers served! 10372 + Meetings

Meeting Minutes

Participants Joined
Customers served! 10372 + Meetings

Participants Joined

Recorded Minutes
Customers served! 10372 + Meetings

Recorded Minutes

Jaw-dropping price

Meeting cost decreases as your usage increases. Pay for only what you use.


  • For usage up to 500k participant-minutes in a month
  • Automatic switch to Growth plan when usage crosses 500k in a month


  • For meeting usage between 500k and 2M participant-minutes in a month
  • Automatic switch to Business plan when usage crosses 2M in a month


  • For meeting usage above 2M participant-minutes in a month
  • Discount applied on your entire usage


  • For meeting usage above 5M participant-minutes in a month
Clan Meeting Promotional Offer

Free $10 credits each month

$10 Credits = HD video calling worth up to 10000 participant-minutes

$10 Credits = 1250 video recorded minutes

$10 Credits = ~277 hours of recording storage

Free Credit

What our clients and users are saying

We have been using Clan Meeting within our healthcare application and the experience so far has been outstanding. We definitely recommend others to give it a try. It will surely be fruitful.

Dr. Diptesh Bandyopadhyay

Clan Meeting API integration with our product helped us to expand our LMS and grow faster by reaching out to more students. Helpful support.

Rinish Manammal

Good application...need some more options... Video/audio quality is fine... It is very good for video conferencing and live streaming...

Krishna Kumar

Clan Meeting is so so so so good for studies it's very good love it so so so much?????????

Souli Das

Call quality is so good...!!!

Kamran Ashraf

I use Clan Meeting for my crypto meetings and to connect with my students .. it has all of my needed features and it's very simple to use too.. Good job.. I like it a lot..

Mojtaba Bolhasani

Fantastic! Crystal clear audio and video. Quality assured..!


DigitalOcean Official Solutions Partner

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Clan Meeting is a trusted official solutions partner for Digital Ocean. Apart from providing a ready to use video conferencing platform and reliable APIs for product integration, we also undertake projects building software applications around video conferencing from scratch.

We rely on the robust, efficient and affordable servers provided by Digital Ocean to host the infrastructure for our clients. Being an official partner gives us the advantage of passing on the benefits like dedicated support and partner discounts to our clients, hence reducing their costs even further.

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Video Conferencing has already moved beyond a trend, it’s an unsurpassable necessity now for businesses and professionals. Every organization as well as individual professionals nowadays collaborate on and amplifies their business utilizing video conferencing a minimum of 3 times a week.