Our Mission

"To enable businesses cut down on operational costs and scale globally using affordable remote video solutions."

Our Story

We started off our journey in the late 2019 when we were working on a side project that was supposed to connect individual fitness trainers and small gyms with their members, manage them, track their body stats and do a lot more.

Being a bunch of nerds from established multi national companies and with a strong industry experience, we knew our way around the tech. What was new and exciting was that we got a chance to talk to a lot of individual health instructors and small business owners in the process and were trying to help them out with a free app.

With the onset of pandemic though, things changed rapidly. As the world locked down, we were lucky enough with our full time jobs at hand. However, we saw multiple businesses shut down, full time trainers and yoga instructors struggle to keep clients, small gym owners in a lot of debt. As we were looking at these people first hand, we decided to help with the tech in whatever way possible.

We set up video conferencing capability within our app for remote fitness training. We also set up open source conferencing platform, created apps around it and put it out there for free (no emails or signups) under the name of clanmeeting.com. As sidekicks to the bigger conferencing providers, we hosted 4000+ free meetings on our platform during the pandemic.

From there on the vision has been a lot clearer.

We are now working full time to make businesses future ready with remote video solutions that can integrate with their websites and apps so that their own identities are intact.

We want to help them succeed by reaching out to more people and for more people to reach out to them by making these solutions more robust while doing our best to keep them affordable. We have started off this journey hoping to do some good along the way.

Meet Our People

Ayushman Chatterjee


Adil Sikandar


Siva Shankar


Debolina Choudhury


Hari G


Midev K M




Rohit Naidu