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As organisations around the world are adapting to a hybrid model with a mix of remote and in-office workers, and with universities and businesses adjusting to the ways of communicating online, it looks like remote working is the way of the future. Better work-life balance, zero commute, prospective savings on rented spaces and infrastructure are things that people have experienced first-hand in the last few months.

We understand that this transition is not easy for everyone. Even if you are technologically well-versed, with limited number of quality professional solutions, security issues, expensive plans and difficulty with setup and customization, running your business online could be a nightmare. Let us handle these problems for you while you focus on what you do best.

Our solution is designed keeping in mind the needs of Indian consumers. With low bandwidth mode, you can switch to audio mode quickly. YouTube live streaming can stream your conference to even millions of users at a time. Our support team is here to guide you at each step or help you setup a dedicated on-premise VC solution for your business if you need one. And yes, absolutely affordable pricing. In case you were worried.