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Pay as you go affordable video conferencing for businesses

Secure video meetings in HD quality with your logo and branding

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More than just a conferencing platform

Video Recording

Record your meetings and send the recordings to your cloud account e.g. DigitalOcean, AWS, Wasabi free of cost.

Live Streaming

Broadcast your meetings to millions of followers with live streaming to YouTube, Twitch and similar streaming platforms.

Reactions & Emojis

Private text chat, work emojis and reactions for all the love and motivation that the people in your workplace deserve.

Lobby & Locked Rooms

Enable lobby to whitelist the participants trying to join a meeting. Rooms are locked by default but you can choose to set a password.

Low Bandwidth Mode

Bad network? No problem. Control your video quality or switch to an audio only mode to stay connected.

Instant File Sharing

Share your files securely without leaving the meeting. No more "I will email you those files after this meeting."

No Downloads Needed

Works directly from the web browsers. No need to install another application on your computer.


Conduct quick polls within the meeting and get a head count of the people in favor. Make decisions on the spot.

Moderation & Co-Hosting

Mute and kick participants. Grant moderator access to co-hosts. Restrict access to meetings and certain features.

Virtual Background

Need a presentable background in a video call? Blur video, choose a virtual background or upload one that you like.

Watch Videos Together

Play and pause videos together with video URLs e.g. YouTube videos. Useful while showcasing products & featured videos.

Screen Sharing

Guide other participants over screen sharing and get the bigger picture with the ability to share screens simultaneously.


Convey your ideas clearly with the inbuilt whiteboard that you can choose to share or edit with the other participants.

Presenter Mode

Turn on your video while sharing screen to switch to the presenter mode. Communicate better with hand gestures and expressions.


Automatically capture the names of all the participants who joined your meetings. You can turn off attendance if you want.

Mitch Parker

Director, All Access Interpreters

Clan Meeting has helped us migrate our customers completely on to video conferencing through a software solution that involved a complex business logic. We are now able to scale without worrying about on-site agent transits. The operational costs have reduced by a lot and more agents are now available to take calls with the convenience of working from home.

Monthly Stats

Video Meetings
Customers served! 12372 + Meetings


Meeting Minutes
Customers served! 12372 + Meetings

Meeting Minutes

Participants Joined
Customers served! 12372 + Meetings

Participants Joined

Recorded Minutes
Customers served! 12372 + Meetings

Recorded Minutes

Usage based pricing with volume discounts

Meeting cost decreases as your usage increases. Pay for only what you use.


  • For usage up to 500k participant-minutes in a month
  • Automatic switch to Growth plan when usage crosses 500k in a month


  • For meeting usage between 500k and 2M participant-minutes in a month
  • Automatic switch to Business plan when usage crosses 2M in a month


  • For meeting usage above 2M participant-minutes in a month
  • Discount applied on your entire usage


  • For meeting usage above 5M participant-minutes in a month
Clan Meeting Promotional Offer

Free $10 credits every month for the next 12 months

Zero monthly minimums, 100% risk free

$10 Credits = HD video calling worth up to 10000 participant-minutes

$10 Credits = 21 hours of cloud video recording (approx.)

$10 Credits = 250 GB of cloud recording storage

Free Credit

Ranjith K

Managing Director, Elegant Interiors

During the pandemic, prospective clients could not visit our showroom. With the video conferencing based booking app, we could schedule one on one meetings and give a virtual visit of our showroom and factory to clients.

DigitalOcean Official Solutions Partner

Digital Ocean Logo

Clan Meeting is a trusted official solutions partner for Digital Ocean. Apart from providing a ready to use video conferencing platform and reliable APIs for product integration, we also undertake projects building software applications around video conferencing from scratch.

We rely on the robust, efficient and affordable servers provided by Digital Ocean to host the infrastructure for our clients. Being an official partner gives us the advantage of passing on the benefits like dedicated support and partner discounts to our clients, hence reducing their costs even further.

Dr. Diptesh Bandyopadhyay

We have been using Clan Meeting within our healthcare application and the experience so far has been outstanding. We definitely recommend others to give it a try. It will surely be fruitful.

Rinish Manammal

Clan Meeting API integration with our product helped us to expand our LMS and grow faster by reaching out to more students. Helpful support.

Krishna Kumar

Good application...need some more options... Video/audio quality is fine... It is very good for video conferencing and live streaming...

Souli Das

Clan Meeting is so so so so good for studies it's very good love it so so so much?????????

Kamran Ashraf

Call quality is so good...!!!

Mojtaba Bolhasani

I use Clan Meeting for my crypto meetings and to connect with my students .. it has all of my needed features and it's very simple to use too.. Good job.. I like it a lot..


Fantastic! Crystal clear audio and video. Quality assured..!

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