With the flexibility to stay connected from anywhere, let’s shift the balance a little more towards life.

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With the flexibility to stay connected from anywhere, let’s shift the balance a little more towards life.


Video Recording

High quality video recording of the meeting and integration with Dropbox for free storage. Contact us for specific storage customization.
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Audio for each participant is recorded in high quality individually. You can combine these files together and mix to get the perfect collab you were hoping for.
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Secure Rooms

Lock the meeting with a password or allow specific participants to enter with the Lobby feature. Along with encryption and zero personal information tracking, security will never be a concern.
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Mute All

And keep calm.
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Presenter Mode

Express more while presenting by sharing your video and screen, both at the same time. Cool, isn't it?
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Share YouTube Video

Watch YouTube videos together with your friends in a meeting room. Learn together or simply enjoy a show.
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Live Podcast with Guests

Invite guests to your podcasts with the convenience of connecting from home. Broadcast live to millions of users at a time.
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Speech to Text Transcription

Key points of the meeting can be saved without typing as you speak. Edit and share with others later as a text file. Farewell to meeting notes on a letter pad.
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Draw Together & Share Screen

Get the bigger picture with the ability for multiple participants to draw and share screen simultaneously.
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Game Streaming

Share your games live with your fans with integrated YouTube live streaming.
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Low Bandwidth Mode

Stay connected even on slow internet connections by switching to low bandwidth mode. It activates an audio only mode even if other participants have video on.
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Private Chat

Ability to have a private conversation with a participant without leaving the meeting.
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Our Services

Pay As You Go Video Conferencing

No more madness around calculation of number of hosts, participant limits or duration of purchase. With our simple Pay-Per-Use plan, enjoy hassle free invoicing based on your usage, similar to your postpaid mobile bills.

Video API (Plug and Play)

Got your own development team? Integrate your application with our video API within minutes and let us worry about the scalability and customizations. All of this with your own branding and hosting in India or your preferred region (if covered by us).

Video Service Desk

Connect face to face with customers to make a sale or empathize better. Agent calling based on skill, work distribution and even the languages spoken. Pull an expert into the ongoing call for quicker resolution.

Booking & Appointment App

For small business owners who want to take appointments and bookings on their own business page, with or without integrated video conferencing.

Customized applications

Make your business future ready by building web and mobile apps integrated with video conferencing. If your business can function over high quality video calls, we are there to make it happen.

Solving Real Problems

Clan Meeting has helped us migrate our customers completely on video conferencing through a software solution which involved a complex business logic. We are now able to scale without worrying about on-site agent transits.

Mitch Parker
All Access interpreters
During pandemic, prospective clients could not visit our showroom. With the booking app, we could schedule one on one meetings and give a virtual visit of our showroom and factory to clients.
Elegant interiors
With the video API service, we could easily integrate as per our requirements and go live with our application within a short span of time. We did not have to get into the technical challenges involved with the customization and scalability of a video conferencing software.
Souvik Mukherjee
Sks Coaching

How Can We Help
Boost Your Success

As organizations around the world are adapting to a hybrid model with a mix of remote and in-office workers, and with universities and businesses adjusting to the ways of communicating online, it looks like remote working is the way of the future. Better work-life balance, zero commute, prospective savings on rented spaces and infrastructure are things that people have experienced first-hand in the last few months.

We understand that this transition is not easy for everyone. Even if you are technologically well-versed, with limited number of quality professional solutions, security issues, expensive plans and difficulty with setup and customization, running your business online could be a nightmare. Let us handle these problems for you while you focus on what you do best.

Our solution is designed keeping in mind the needs of Indian consumers. With low bandwidth mode, you can switch to audio mode quickly. YouTube live streaming can stream your conference to even millions of users at a time. Our support team is here to guide you at each step or help you setup a dedicated on-premise VC solution for your business if you need one.