February 3, 2023


Stay Active Be Productive: 6 Simple Ways To Increase Productivity

If you are looking for ways to increase productivity and becoming more focused, you are reading the right piece. But before we start brainstorming how to increase productivity, we need to first understand the definition of Productivity.

Productivity is the ability to use your time to produce the desired results. It is not only about completing tasks. In order to multiply your productive hours, you need to have a good work-life balance. Also, you need to find the right tools to help you achieve your goals daily.

The fact is, in today’s fast-paced world, it takes a lot of effort to be determined and driven to complete tasks.

But there are ways to increase productivity without feeling like you have heavy workload?

Now, let’s learn how to boost productivity in these 6 steps:

1. Set smaller goals and increase productivity

With a hectic life and a lot to do, it may be difficult to stay productive and useful. To tackle this, you can break your list into smaller tasks. This also helps you to see what you have accomplished and what you still need to do. When you take these smaller tasks and divide them into separate duration of your working hours, you feel more motivated to achieve them. You also have a sense of accomplishment when you see the finished product.

2. Relax and take a breather and multiply productive hours

You must increase productive hours, but remember take a break from the mountain of tasks every now and then. One great idea for doing this is to work hard for 52 minutes and take a break for 17 minutes. This will give you a buffer time to refresh: breathe some fresh air, listen to music, play a game, chat with a coworker or grab a quick lunch. This brief hiatus will push you to tackle the work again.

3. Keep away from phones to maintain focus

‘Ding!’, your mobile rings each time you try to focus. Isn’t it frustrating? A rule passed by the Madras High Court states that regulating use of mobile phones during office hours is a must.

The smartphone has become an essential part of today’s workforce and needs to be used appropriately. When you’re bogged down by too many activities, the last thing you want to do is check your phone. The solution is to set a timer to mute the notifications, or switch it to airplane mode. The goal is to focus on what you’re doing and avoid distractions.

4. How to use mobile phones productively

With the advancement of technology at a level where it can demonstrate whether you are eating healthy or sleeping enough, there are apps for almost everything under the sun- you just name it.

With apps like Clan Meeting, you can easily launch a meeting and share screen, videos and files, at a very affordable rate. Want to know how it works, get started for free.

Now there’s a hack!

If you are feeling really productive, you can even schedule a meeting with yourself and gauge your performance. You can also set a timer on your desktop to help you maintain a track of your work. This is just one of the helpful and easy ways to stay productive and still have time to enjoy life.

5. Eat good food and stay productive

It is no secret that to increase productivity you need a healthy diet. Experts recommend foods like berries, walnuts, bananas, and kale. Such foods are known to have a positive effect on memory, energy and focus.

6. Brush to stay active

In order to become more productive, it's important to find ways to stay up and motivated after a busy workday.

Brush your teeth! It might sound weird, but brushing teeth gives a shuffle to the brain and effectively results in having a fresher breath and less plaque build-up on your teeth, which eventually makes you feel more energized and refreshed.

That’s it from us (for now).

We hope you not only enjoyed our blog but also thought of implementing few of the tricks yourselves. We know that staying productive is important for businesses of all sizes, especially for those that are small in size. It can be a challenge to stay productive when you feel busy, but with the right advice, you will find your tasks easier to manage.

For more information about us and Clan Meeting, consider reaching us here.

Thank you for reading, we love hearing from you!

Debolina Choudhury


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