March 7, 2023


Benefits of Video Conferencing in Education

We are quick to learn and adapt to the new changes that affect our lives. The Covid-19 pandemic taught us the meaning of reform, one of those being the benefits of video conferencing in education.

Before 2020, teachers used to teach only in person or “offline” inside a physical classroom, not knowing a year later they could do the same, but from their home.

In this article, we are going to discuss what comforts and benefits video conferencing brought in the educational sector.


There are various ways through which video conferencing has benefitted both teachers and students.

Video conferencing allowed easy file-sharing

Video conferencing made it easier for the students and their instructors to exchange notes. In an online classroom, it is not only more convenient but more beneficial for the classroom participants to take and share notes during or after an assignment.

Video conferencing made socializing easier

When social distancing was the norm, video conferencing platforms such as Clan Meeting made it easier for the participants to connect over a virtual platform. Teachers and students alike got the opportunity to socialize with one another.

Video conferencing made it possible for participants to record meetings

Many online students across the globe thrive on the recording feature of video conferencing, in case they miss their lessons. Teachers do not have to repeat their lectures and simply share their recordings with their students. Students get the chance to prepare better for their exams.

Video conferencing allows your classes to be highly secure

Sharing your screen or streaming learning videos becomes more convenient with highly secure features of video conferencing tools like Clan Meeting.

You do not have to worry regarding your personal information, such as bank details and passwords, being accidentally shared on Clan Meeting. Click here to know how.

Using video conferencing for online classes is cheaper and less time-consuming than in person classes

To save time and money, many instructors have shifted to online mode of educating students. A study shows that video conferencing help many educators save money in imparting online degree programs.

Video conferencing help students in opening up and collaborating than in traditional classes

Handling assignments become easier as pupils get to relay their thoughts clearly. Students find motivation in involvement with their peers and video conferencing is helping them just do that.

In conclusion, school teachers are being forced to find new ways to engage their students as the number of students will be considerably lower in the future. Start exploring now for moving to an online-only classroom instruction, which your school might need.

We hope you enjoyed our blog post discussing benefits of video conferencing in education.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know by visiting here.

Debolina Choudhury


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