March 15, 2022


Step into Next Generation by Owning a Video Conferencing Solution

Video Conferencing has already moved beyond a trend, it’s an unsurpassable necessity now for businesses and professionals. Every organization as well as individual professionals nowadays collaborate on and amplifies their business utilizing video conferencing a minimum of 3 times a week, which goes to a maximum number of multiple video conferencing calls in a day. 

And, it doesn’t end there; online meetings have inevitably become the pillar of brand positioning and capabilities for businesses.

The market insights conclude that:

  • 43% of WFH & remote teams will utilize a video conferencing solution
  • 78% of corporate organizations will have video calling software.
  • 83% of mid-size businesses having over 250 employees are expected to purchase video calling tools.
  • 27% of small organizations will also buy video conferencing tools.
  • 86% of organizations are expected to move employee interviews to video calls.
  • 73% of educators believe that video conferencing will help decrease student dropouts

Sources: Forbes, Gartner, Zoom

To stay ahead of the league, no business and professional will deny video meetings; instead, they will offer it all the time. But, does only offering or accepting it make you an Industry Leader?

Well, following the path others are following will only keep you on the track, but won’t let you lead! So, what makes you lead the market – it’s always BRANDING. And, Clan Meeting offers you an instant solution for that.

Have your Own Video Conferencing Solution

Clan Meeting’s Video Conferencing API offers an unparalleled solution to businesses to not only integrate the Video Conferencing feature to their website, platforms and mobile apps, but also to own it by branding the video conferencing feature on their site following their brand guidelines, logos and colour themes.

So, with Clan Meeting, you don’t need to tell anyone that you’re using a platform or you have an API integrated to your website or app by a provider, but you can simply offer your own brand’s Video Conferencing solution to meet your clients online, collaborate within your team in a personalized and secure environment, and eventually accelerate your productivity as well as conversions with Clan Meeting’s Video Calling API.

Although, you also always have a wonderful and seamless Online Video Meeting Platform at to have endless and flawless personal and professional end-to-end secure video calls – at a very minimal cost (almost negligible). And, you also have a mobile app by Clan Meeting to help you connect with your team or family with just a few clicks. But if you are professionally using video conferencing solutions frequently, Video Conferencing API would be your best suited solution. And, why not own a solution that solves your everyday problems, fulfills all your online meeting requirements and still costs very minimal.

Now is the time to take the league of Business Video Conferencing to another level of Brand Positioning and Business Empowerment with Clan Meeting. Also, with Video Conferencing API by Clan Meeting, you get numerous other unique features to complement and support every kind of small or large business, every industry professional and every industry communications.

So, what are you waiting for? Own your business online conferencing solution now!

Ayushman Chatterjee


Clan Meeting Promotional Offer

Free $10 credits every month for the next 12 months

Zero monthly minimums, 100% risk free

$10 Credits = HD video calling worth up to 10000 participant-minutes

$10 Credits = 21 hours of cloud video recording (approx.)

$10 Credits = 250 GB of cloud recording storage

Free Credit

Why stay local when the world could be your marketplace?

Businesses are using video meetings to:
  • scale exponentially
  • cut down operational costs by up to 90%
  • onboard customers from anywhere in the world
  • increase retention rates by 23% with video support
  • DESTROY competition by thinking ahead of time
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