Consider These Points Before Choosing a Video API

How to choose a video API provider

Have you been hearing these lately?


Video calls give more power than any form of interactivity.

A real-time video conferencing software will help communicate with clients better.

Video-conferencing is the future of communications.

The answer is Yes!
Every imaginable physical business communication has become virtual; from classrooms to virtual patient-care support, remote meetings to client or customer interactions. As a result, organizations and enterprises have turned to video conferencing software or video calling APIs to create their own business communication systems.
It is critical to select the best video conferencing software that meets your needs.

Apart from a long list of features, there are a few additional points that work to the advantage of our customers and are very important to consider.

Clan Meeting is tailored to meet the demands of small and large businesses alike. It is priced as little as 0.0005 USD / minute / participant (only around 4 paise!) allowing Clan Meeting to scale according to the needs of your business. It is priced lower than almost all other providers without compromising on the quality of meetings or services offered.
Hosting In A Region Closest To You
In case your Video API provider is hosted far away from your company, there will almost certainly be issues with low speed, connection drops and latency. Finding a Video API provider that is hosted near the location of your business is a crucial element to consider when selecting a Video API provider for your company.
Data Privacy
Clan Meeting makes sure the collection, processing, storage, usage, transfer, protection, and disclosure of personal data about its users is safe-guarded. Also, clients are given an option to store the meeting recordings directly to their own servers.
As the world progresses towards a more digital era, video conferencing is an excellent technique to increase your business communications in order to effectively service clients and communicate with your staff.
Choose a Video Conferencing partner that is ready to scale with you.
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