Host Authentication

A host should pass a JWT (JSON Web Token) as an argument. We have ready to use code snippets to generate JWT. At least one host is needed for a meeting to start.


Participant Authentication

Once the host joins, participants can join without token. So you do not need to pass a token on the participant side. Until host joins, the participants will wait outside the meeting with the below message. Once host has joined successfully, participants are signed in automatically.



Co-host Authentication

Any user that passes a JWT while joining meeting will have host privileges. Others won't. Additionally, a host can manually grant moderator privileges to any participant within the meeting.

Although this is an option, please ensure that the settings set by one host using the API are not overridden unknowingly by another host. It could cause unexpected results.


Conference Termination

Conference is destroyed once the last user hangs up. After that you can use the same meeting room name for another fresh meeting.


Multi-user conferences (more than 2): There should be at least one host in the meeting at all times for the call to continue. If the host exits and there are no co-hosts available in the call, the conference will end for all the users within a minute. If the host joins back within a minute, the conference will continue without any interruption.


One-on-one Calls: A participant will be disconnected from the meeting immediately if the host leaves.