September 24, 2022


Menace and Remedy – How Clan Meeting helped me in imparting knowledge

Remote working and video conferencing have become synonymous and both act as cornerstones in every profession.

With the flexibility of working from anywhere, use of tools for Video Conferencing and Online Meets has skyrocketed. A report from HR Technologists suggested that 78% of corporate companies use video calling software and its use is steadily increasing.

The companies and institutes using video-conferencing means to undertake their daily activities have done a lot of cost-cutting, but it is said that every pro has its own con.

Let's narrow the subject down and talk about "zoombombing", a new phenomenon in the platform that lets individual/s crash into a meeting and create havoc with their inappropriate behaviors and comments.

Having a first-hand experience in online teaching/training, I used to be pretty flustered correcting them. Be it during online tests or classes, dealing with those unknown kids, who made problematic remarks, burdened my shoulders as well as my throat - yes, throat, after all I kept shouting at them incessantly. However, me removing them from the meeting wouldn't make any difference, as they kept rejoining stubbornly.

So, in order to at least maintain peace in my private classes, I started experimenting and looking for other solutions. My friend noticed my evident frustration and suggested me to use Clan Meeting, which he promised wouldn't disappoint. He began explaining to me about its features and functionalities that impressed me. So I thought of giving it a shot.

Apart from all its other easy-to-use facets, 'Enable Lobby' impressed me the most.

This factor enabled me to allow only those pupils into the meeting room, whose identity I was sure of;  I did not grant access to the anonymous profilers.

There is yet another way I could secure my room, by doing either of these two things:

1. Lock the room with additional password after the expected number of candidates show up;

2. If by any chance, the second password gets leaked, I can kick out the intruders and reset with a new password.

Interesting, right?

A simple solution cleared complicated doubts and now I have started taking all my online classes on Clan Meeting itself!

Just like me, I hope you find the answers to your professional glitches on Clan Meeting.

Debolina Choudhury


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