September 22, 2022


Uses of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing technology is a staple of modern business. The ability to conduct meetings and discussions with staff, customers, partners, and suppliers in real-time has made it the go-to format for many meetings. However, video conferencing technology can be difficult to use, especially if your workforce is remote.

In an era of remote-tasking, uses of video conferencing and online meets are far and wide. Video conferences maintain a strong connection among the remote workers. With a sufficiently strong network, offices can accomplish their daily tasks from the comforts of their home.

However, with so many video conferencing tools available in the digital market, what you need is a “more than just a video conferencing platform”.

In this blog, we will discuss the multiple uses of video conferencing and why it is a must for your daily desk work.

Uses of video conferencing in building a strong communication

Communication is the key in every aspect of work (not to mention life).

In a fast-paced digital world, video meets are not enough in building a sturdy bridge in communication because, what if one of your remote working employees is AWOL or facing internet sludge?

Small issues, such as these, go unnoticed and unresolved. Moreover, phone calls and text messages are not enough in corporate.

Management and employees rely on video conferencing tools to convey most of the information in a clear-cut, formal manner.

With its humble beginnings, Clan Meeting can help you overcome the drawbacks in virtual communication.

Now, let us check out in detail, how video conferencing is helping thousands of online workers.

What are the various uses of video conferencing?

There are various benefits of using video conferencing. With the following features, you can completely rely on an advanced video conferencing tool for your business:

Video Recording

Recording videos in case a team member missed out on important updates or procedural changes is a useful feature.

In physical meeting rooms, not everyone has the authority to carry phones inside the workstation.

Video recording of meetings have helped many people across different work sectors cover for their misses.

Instant File Sharing

You do not have to wait for the meeting to end before sharing a file. You can share files in the meeting itself. To see how, click here.

Watch Videos Together

You can stream videos from YouTube or other online channels during a presentation or during the showcase of products & featured videos.

Live Streaming

Live streaming can make your presentation a lot more interactive.

Whether you need feedback from your team or your partners, you can use Clan Meeting to create polls and surveys. Your audience can then give their input in real time, so the feedback is always relevant.

No Downloads Needed

Software tools like Clan Meeting is a browser-based platform designed for organizations to conduct meetings, share information, and create agendas. It works directly from the web browsers, and you do not need to install another application on your computer.

Clan Meeting is built to be extremely easy to use and can be customized in many ways.

Screen Sharing

With the ability to share screens over screen sharing, you can get a bigger picture and see what's happening across the board. This is helpful for facilitating the conversation in the meeting.

Screen sharing is especially popular among those who must make presentations regularly.

Reactions & Emojis

What could make your team more productive in the workplace? A private text chat, work emojis, and reactions.

Clan Meeting lets you do all of that and more. With a private text chat, your team can start a new discussion, share their thoughts on a question, or simply ask you a question in a way that doesn't interrupt your day.

An emoji or reaction can be used to give your team a quick and easy way to show them that you care, like a thumbs up or a friendly “lol.”


Huddles are a great way to make sure everyone is on the same page, but you need to make sure that the meeting is effective.

To make your meetings more interactive, you can easily poll your attendees to get a head count on what they believe should happen.

You can do this quickly, and if the majority is in support of your proposal, you can decide to act on it right away.


Have a discussion with your team using the inbuilt whiteboard. You can choose to share the whiteboard with the other participants or edit the whiteboard to have your own ideas.

Another way to make the meeting more effective is to have a facilitator take notes during the meeting and put proposals on the board.

The board will allow people to see all the proposals, including the voting results, and you can decide on the spot to act on the most popular one.

Lobby & Locked Rooms

If you want to join a meeting, you typically cannot, until the meeting host allows you. This happens when the host enables lobby.

You can join a meeting as an attendee but, depending on the type of meeting, it can limit your access.

You can choose to lock rooms for a meeting so that only the people you whitelist can enter.

Moderation & Co-Hosting

Clan Meeting helps you in executing your meeting planning and running.

If you are hosting a meeting, you can easily mute and kick participants. Mute is a temporary block that you can use to block out the person who is speaking. Kick is a permanent block that removes the person from the meeting.

You can also grant moderator access to co-hosts, restrict access to meetings and certain features, and much more.

Presenter Mode

You will need to use a screen sharing tool with the presenter mode on, such as the one from Clan Meeting. This will allow you to have an expressive conversation with your team.

Low Bandwidth Mode

In today's digital world, the bandwidth available to us is ever-changing.

While your network connection may be great at one moment, it may be quite the opposite at another. That is why Clan Meeting offers you the ability to control the video quality of your calls.

You can adjust the video quality from a stream of good quality to a stream of low quality at the press of a button.

For example, if you are on a low-quality stream, you might want to switch to an audio-only mode.

Virtual Background

If you need a presentable background in a video call, you can blur out the background or choose a virtual background. If you want to upload a background, you can do that too.


If you need a presentable background in a video call, you can blur out the background or choose a virtual background. If you want to upload a background, you can do that too.

In The Final Analysis

We hope you enjoyed our blog about videoconferencing.

We know that incorporating video conferencing into your company can be a tricky thing. However, we hope that we were able to provide some helpful information for you to consider.

If you are interested in further reading, please send us a message.

Thank you for reading, we would love to hear from you!

Debolina Choudhury


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