April 16, 2022


A Shift In Online Learning With Clan Meeting

Nearly everything has transformed from January 2020, due to the pandemic. There have been numerous hasty changes in every student's life,  all the fuss about online and remote learning made them a bit irritated. Whereas the doctors came out and played a heroic role by saving hundreds of people without caring about their health, while the economy was affected by the virus. Because of all this, the education sector has also changed drastically. As everything was shifted to online platforms so was education. Online classes became more comfortable for both the students and the teachers to interact and study the behavior of students. However, this lockdown changed the traditional way of taking or giving classes, schools and colleges were shut down and everything was shifted to the online method. To ease up those issues, video conferencing platforms like Caln Meeting emerged. 

With the abrupt shift of offline to online classes in many parts of the world, some were questioning if online learning adoption would continue post-pandemic, and how such a shift would affect the global education industry.

To support this, the stats conclude that globally over 1.2 billion children were not attending offline classes because all the schools were shut down. While every country was facing a different situation as per their COVID-19 infection rates. Worldwide there were more than 1.2 billion children in 186 countries affected by school closures due to the pandemic. In Denmark, children up to the age of 11 had to return to nurseries and schools after initial closing, but in South Korea, students responded to roll calls from their teachers online” (Times of India), As a result, education has changed dramatically, with the sudden growth in the online learning, where lectures were taken remotely and through digital platforms, and takes less time, implying that the alterations created by the coronavirus are here to stay. But the question that arises here is that if all of them had access to the internet and had gadgets, not all of the families could afford this, especially during the lockdown when everyone was suffering from their economic condition. However, Clan Meeting is an extremely affordable and pocket-friendly video conferencing API.

Advantages of Online education:

  1. Travel time is saved
  2. Context delivery
  3. Education from the comfort of home
  4. Variety of teaching styles

Online learning and teaching are super easy with Clan Meeting Video Conferencing.

Is online teaching a complex and daunting task for you as a teacher?


Clan Meeting is one such online video conference platform that enables you to study and share information with people all around the world. While it isn't the same as being there in person - online communication is often sufficient and necessary. Interactive whiteboards, presenter mode, and online collaboration tools are easily available within Clan Meeting which makes your communication seamless.  Get this amazing video conferencing API today! 

Online learning can now be even more interesting with high-end platforms like Clan meeting, the best web video conferencing API because it has some unique features that'll help and boost the performance of online learning more seamlessly. Plus it's extremely cost-friendly, so the schools, institutions, and coaching centers do not have to think much before buying it.


We’ll be discussing some ways and reasons to switch to Clan Meeting for video conferencing.

Clan meeting, the best video conferencing platform,  offers you a variety of features that you can use according to your need. If you are a teacher, you can begin with creating groups amongst the students, these small groups will result in achieving more efficiency as grouping helps the student in communicating more and everyone will get a chance to speak up and share their views. Creating small groups will also help you as a teacher because it'll become easier for you to pay attention to every student individually. This will result in achieving great results because in a class of 30-40 students it becomes very difficult for a teacher to pay attention to every student, that’s why with Clan Meeting you can work more effectively. Get it now!

Online video conferencing API and its usage can also boost the participation spirit in students who might have an uneasiness about raising their hands in front of the whole class. This particular benefit can be considered one of the most important advantages of online learning.   As the world is moving fast and one needs to have skills beyond bookish knowledge. If a student wants to compete and participate, stage phobia is one of the most common issues that they face and the feeling of being pointed out in front of the whole class makes their morale quite weak.  Fortunately, with the help of online learning, one can get a chance to express their thoughts publicly without any hesitation. This won’t only help in getting good grades, but will also help in growing your personality. And if one develops confidence there are many future options generated, and teaching or explaining things to peers boosts memory retrieval, confidence, and intellectual thinking while also stimulating more continuing knowledge.

Clan Meeting, the advanced video conferencing API integration allows you to avoid the typical hierarchical system of teacher and student and that will help both the teacher and the student to construct confidence in one another and they can communicate well, and when the presentations are in person that takes your communication skills to next level, through online video conferencing API.

To sum it up, Clan Meeting is highly beneficial for the teachers as they can take their teaching skills, methodology, and accessibility of their classes to a completely seamless, creative, and high-tech level.


Integrating different features of the video conferencing API offered by clan Meeting into the educational websites is what our educational system needs. The only thing blocking the teachers from taking advantage of free video conferencing APIs is learning the technology, but fortunately, everything is just so easy with Clan Meeting.

Ayushman Chatterjee


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