October 7, 2022


The Web that Binds – Build your world without further ado: use Clan Meeting’s no download needed feature

We are all surrounded by people and yet pretty lonely!

Social Media platforms entangle us in "FOMO". We compare and complain about our tedious and dull routine, failing to convince ourselves that our lives are amazing, indeed.

Although there are many drawbacks of the current digital era, it isn't that bad either, especially when you come across wonderful people in it.

Take for instance, Omegle, where strangers can meet over a video call and chat about absolutely anything under the sun.

Be it recreationally, or professionally, video meets have minimized the saturated loneliness of introverts making them speak over platforms that do not only focus on Video calls or conferences alone but also on sharing ideas and issues through whiteboarding, emoji reactions, polls, screen sharing, among others.

Being a personality coach, I have mostly dealt with the two extremes-Extroverts and Introverts. While it took me little to no time to speak to the former, Introverts found it rather challenging to express themselves, even via various activities. That was when teamwork came into play. The shy, introverted groups were usually cheered on by their Extroverted counterparts and my online sessions were ALWAYS a hit!

Speaking about success, taking online classes were rather daunting, during the great epoch of Lockdowns. We were so habituated to being available offline that online teaching sessions appeared cumbersome.

Everything seemed to be going wrong, as if the end of the days were upon us.

However, thanks to technology that many businesses and online relationships did not bite the dust. It took us a stumble and a fall to be resilient. And now, look at us, we prefer working from anywhere.

Everything is digitalized: online work, groceries, marketing, not to mention dating, too.

Have I mentioned, few students of mine (who are working professionals) fell in love when they first got introduced to one another over Clan Meeting? It does not seem like they require a dating app!

On a different note though, Clan Meeting does not require app-downloading. Just an easy share of link is enough to get you connected to the people you love! Ergo, we like good things to happen easily, don’t we? There’s no point denying it! So, for a simple and an effortless life, let me suggest you a software that is a cakewalk:

Clan Meeting takes over your world of online ventures and it is fun, too!

As mentioned before, you do not need to download it. Use as you go, fits your pocket both figuratively (affordable) and literally (you can VC from your mobile phones).

Attending meetings while walking at the park is a dream come true for anyone, I mean, who wants a stressful life? You don’t need to carry your laptop everywhere. All you need is a fair network coverage and all the issues are sorted.

Let us free ourselves from the shackles of conventional laptop-using. Try Clan Meeting, now!

For a free demo, contact them by visiting their website at : https://clanmeeting.com/

Signing off.

Debolina Choudhury


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Why stay local when the world could be your marketplace?

Businesses are using video meetings to:
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  • onboard customers from anywhere in the world
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  • DESTROY competition by thinking ahead of time
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