November 22, 2022


Small Events, Big surprises: An unexpected situation becomes enjoyable with Clan Meeting’s video conferencing solution

It's rather important for an assistant director to be close to the director. Why am I saying this? You will understand once you read our story.

My friend and I are the founders of a touring firm that makes travelling for the common people, easier.

Our venture required us to step down from our respective jobs so that we could give our complete focus to the touring and lodgers' business.

Being a perfect hub for the salaried class, we turned our ancestral property into a recreational locale. It did not take much time to become popular. But with a growing demand in tourism, it was gradually becoming a challenge for us to reach our clients and for our clients to reach us. Such a snag occurred in 2019 when I was serving my notice period.

I was extremely busy at work when I got a call from one of the employees from my company, (Lodgers’ is its name,) informing that we could get a sponsor who was also interested in a Collab project. That meant revenue boost for us and our team! Good news, right?

But it suddenly hit me. My friend, who had already resigned from his job, was at his parents’ place back in Darjeeling, where the network wasn’t very reliable. We needed to do a presentation on a set date and it required both of us to prepare in advance.

After trying all the means and struggling to stay in sync for a few days, we decided to partner with the guys at NanoThread who were skilled professionals. They introduced us to their durable software, Clan Meeting.

While using Clan Meeting, my partner, who was at his home, praised the fact that he did not require any app download, given the poor net services there. It was super-easy for us to share our ideas via features like file sharing, screen sharing, and audio chats. The low bandwidth mode worked glitch-free, too.

Finally, the D-day arrived and all of us huddled on one platform- Clan Meeting. Getting connected from all across India, we shared our plans, engaged in a fun banter before finalizing the deal.

Certain software really just become part and parcel of our lives, unknowingly, and that’s exactly how Clan Meeting became family. Thank you, for saving the day, Clan Meeting and Team!

I recommend using Clan Meeting over other VC tools, as it’s affordable, too!

Choose wisely, choose Clan Meeting.

Debolina Choudhury


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