December 14, 2021


5 Ways Clan Meeting Will Immediately Help Your Business

Are you tired of paying a fixed fee for video conferencing even when you don't use it?

Do slow and glitchy video conferencing tools hinder your productivity?

Do you have trouble getting technical help with your video conferencing software?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, continue reading to discover the most ideal solutions to these issues.

Here are five ways Clan Meeting will help you grow your customer base, revenue, and organization.

1. Affordable Pay As You Go Plans

The real use of online meetings is usually much lower than the expected usage, which is why a fixed price package for an Indian company is not feasible.

Since the billing for Clan Meeting is dynamic, you just pay for what you use.

You can have a look at our Pricing Calculator

2. Incorporate Your Own Branding

A brand is created to reflect who you are as a company and how you want to be perceived.

Clan Meeting allows you to customize its interface with your own branding and logo, allowing you to project the brand the way you want.

3. Low Bandwidth Mode

During an online conference, we've all experienced sluggish internet on our phones, laptops, and other devices. A bad internet connection can be detrimental.

Clan Meeting has a low bandwidth mode that allows you to switch to an audio only mode with a simple tap or click of a button, even if other participants' video is turned on.

4. Video API

Most companies around the world are embracing video conferencing as a means of communication and conducting business, but such a move can present many technological challenges.

Clan Video API (Application Programming Interface) allows you to easily integrate and customize the Clan Meeting environment with your web application using the instructions given in our Video API page.

Each step will be easy for your development team to follow, and you'll be up and operating in minutes.

5. Scalability and Stability

To handle the sudden influx in the number of customers or for being ready for a campaign, you need the backing of a robust infrastructure than can scale and cater to such amounts of traffic within a matter of minutes.

We have got you covered here as well. You do not need to maintain humungous servers in anticipation of traffic. We take care of the scaling during loads.

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Ayushman Chatterjee


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$10 Credits = HD video calling worth up to 10000 participant-minutes

$10 Credits = 21 hours of cloud video recording (approx.)

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Why stay local when the world could be your marketplace?

Businesses are using video meetings to:
  • scale exponentially
  • cut down operational costs by up to 90%
  • onboard customers from anywhere in the world
  • increase retention rates by 23% with video support
  • DESTROY competition by thinking ahead of time
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