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Video API - Code Snippets & Guides


Useful ready to use code snippets and guides to make your integrations easier.

  • Webinar Mode

    webinar_mode Enables Webinar features within Clan Meeting API. How it worksThe host will be able to see all the participants.Participants will…

  • Host Triggers JS For Participants

    host_triggers_js_for_participants Execute JavaScript on the participant side when host clicks a button Firing custom code locally based on certain events is…

  • Capture Stage Screenshot

    capture_stage_screenshot Creates a custom button called "Capture Screenshot". Captures a screenshot of what's visible on stage and downloads to the…

  • AWS S3 For Recordings

    create-aws-s3-bucket-for-recordings Please use these instructions to share programmatic write access with Clan Meeting to upload your meeting recordings to your…