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Unleash the Power of Video Conferencing: Reduce Costs, Increase ROI

  • Most affordable video meeting API
  • Integrates in less than 10 lines of code
  • Free trial with no setup costs
  • Up to 70% savings compared to others

Why Clan Meeting?

Reduce Costs Marginally

Pay as you go, with dynamic participant minutes. No hidden fees.

Easy To Use

Integrate video conferencing into your web and mobile apps in minutes with no setup costs.

Increase ROI

Grow your business by reaching new customers and users around the world.

Packed with Features

Unlimited parallel calls, custom branding, screen sharing, chat, live streaming, and more.

High Quality Meetings

Crystal clear audio and video with high quality recording capabilities.


JWT authentication, lobby, room passwords and host controls. Role based access to features.

Limited Time Signup Offer

Free $10 credits every month for the next 12 months

$10 Credits = HD video calling worth up to 10000 participant-minutes

$10 Credits = 21 hours of cloud video recording

$10 Credits = 250 GB of cloud recording storage

Free Credit

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