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Most businesses around the world are moving away from conventional methods of interacting with their customers and adapting to technology, which is the need of the hour for sustenance. One such shift is to integrate your business with video conferencing. It increases the ease of doing business while reducing the operating costs by a huge margin.


With any such bold business decision, there are technical challenges even for the technology companies to overcome. For situations like these, you can easily integrate Clan Meeting with your applications using our video API. You can be up and running doing what you do best within a few minutes.


Why us?

Here are a few reasons to choose Clan Meeting API for your video conferencing needs:

  • Hassle Free Superfast Setup: The primary reason. So that you can spend your time and energy into growing your business.
  • Hosting In Own Region: We have servers primarily in India. However, please check with us and we can try to provide access on a location nearest to you.
  • Scalability & Stability : To handle the sudden influx in the number of customers or being ready for a campaign.
  • Own Branding : You can have your own logo within the video conferencing call.
  • Fresh Look : With a cleaner user interface.
  • Customization : Need your video recordings to be saved to your SFTP server instead? We can make that happen. Want a dedicated instance? We can set you up with that.
  • Feature Restrictions : Enable certain video conferencing features only? Yes, possible.
  • Integration Assistance : We are there to assist your dev team in case you need any help with the integration.
  • Pay As You Grow : Pay only as per your requirements and usage.
  • Lowest Rates : Our rates are a lot cheaper than our competitors.
  • Free Mobile Apps : Make use of Clan Meeting mobile apps to connect to the meetings for a smoother experience without any extra charges.


Installation and Initial Setup (Test Environment)

Integrate with our test environment within minutes to test your applications.

Test environment is open to all and could be rebooted without notice. So, please do not use it with your live applications. Please contact us for production access or for any issues during test integration.


Create API Object

Our API’s are powered by Jitsi Meet so that you can integrate Clan Meeting with your application.

Include the below script tags just before ending body tag on the page where you want to enable video conferencing.

Please add your own brand name below in lowercase without spaces into the myBrandName variable.


Complete Basic Example

Please add your own brand name below in lowercase without spaces into myBrandName variable and save the code into an HTML file.
If you are testing the file locally no problem. Otherwise, please ensure that you are on https and have a valid certificate installed on your website. Camera and microphone will not work on insecure channels.


How to connect users into an on-demand or scheduled conference?

Users passing the same roomName as an option will join the same meeting. As simple as that!


Once you have tried the above HTML file, you would notice that there is a mandatory roomName option to be passed. It accepts alphabets, numbers and dashes (-). You can dynamically generate a UNIQUE room name and pass it as an option above.


For on-demand conferences, this room name could be generated on the fly while creating a meeting. For scheduled conferences you can create a room name while scheduling and store it in the database. As long as room name is unique, it will not clash with other conferences.


Looking for an even simpler integration with your own branding?

If you do not want to control or hide any of the meeting options programmatically, don’t care about any JavaScript and are happy with what is available on our "Try Now" page, all you need is to create a meeting link as follows and open it in a new tab when a button is clicked on your website.

Example meeting links:

Contact us and we can quickly set you up with authentication on production environment so that your rooms are protected from outside world. Also, with your own Logo.


Clan Meeting on Mobile

The same code can be executed on mobile browser directly OR you can use our android and iOS apps free of cost to host the meetings.

If you need to integrate video API within your mobile app, you would need to execute JavaScript code within the app. For example, using WebView in case of React Native and Flutter.


### End of integration with basic options – Read on for further options ###


Authentication and Own Branding

Once you are happy with test integration, please contact us and we will set you up on production environment with authentication and your own branding.


Hang up the call for local participant

Please note that there is no direct way to end the meeting for everyone. Calling this command will hang up meeting for the local participant only. But you can extend the example below by combining different event listeners to solve your use case.


Use Case – Doctor and patient one-to-one meeting app

Doctor Code

Paste the basic example on the page where video conferencing will take place. Generate a unique room name when doctor initiates a call. Store room name in database against this call ID. Redirect doctor to video conferencing page and pass roomName into the options variable.

Patient Code

Create a similar page for the patient side. When the patient is notified, redirect them to this page by fetching the roomName from database. You can hide / show buttons differently on the patient side.

What if you don’t handle patient logic within your app?

In case you do not handle patient logic within your app, patient can still join using meeting link directly via desktop browser / mobile browser / Clan Meeting mobile apps. This can also help you build an MVP and reduce your go to market time by coding just the doctor side and notifying patient with the meeting link over SMS (example).

Hang up the call for doctor (local participant) if patient (remote participant) hangs up
Do not use this code as is for more than 2 participant meetings. Otherwise meeting will end for everyone even if one person disconnects.


All meeting options








Set audio / video devices


Listen for events

You can add event listeners to using the EventEmitter methods. These are helpful if you want a particular business logic in case of certain events.

How to use


Local participant events

These are emitted by local participant.


Remote (Global) participant events

These are not dependent on local participant actions. Could be emitted by any participant and can be listened on by the local participant.


Dispose API and remove event listeners before page unload