Usage based pricing with volume discounts

Video Calling (HD) Cost


  • For usage up to 500k participant-minutes in a month
  • Automatic switch to Growth plan when usage crosses 500k in a month


  • For meeting usage between 500k and 2M participant-minutes in a month
  • Automatic switch to Business plan when usage crosses 2M in a month


  • For meeting usage above 2M participant-minutes in a month
  • Discount applied on your entire usage


  • For meeting usage above 5M participant-minutes in a month

Video Recording Cost




Clan Advantage: Save BIG on recording cost calculated only as per the duration of the recorded meeting. Unlike other providers, it does not depend on the participant count.

Recording Storage Cost



/ GB / month

( 1 GB = approx. 100 min of recording )

Clan Advantage: No extra charges if you use your own cloud storage e.g. Amazon S3, Digital Ocean Spaces, Wasabi.

Live Streaming Cost




Clan Advantage: Save BIG on streaming cost calculated only as per the duration of the streamed meeting. Unlike other providers, it does not depend on the participant count.

Clan Meeting Promotional Offer

Free $10 credits every month for the next 12 months

Zero monthly minimums, 100% risk free

$10 Credits = HD video calling worth up to 10000 participant-minutes

$10 Credits = 21 hours of cloud video recording (approx.)

$10 Credits = 250 GB of cloud recording storage

Free Credit

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See the most asked questions

Who can use Clan Meeting?

Individuals looking for an alternative to other video conferencing providers. Business owners, startups looking to integrate video API with their applications. Schools and organizations looking to switch to a usage based model.

what are participant minutes?

Participant minutes is a more popular unit to measure meeting usage. With 1 participant-minute, 1 participant can join a meeting for 1 minute. It is calculated for each meeting separately as follows:

number of participants x duration of meeting in minutes

what is saving recordings to my cloud?

We provide secure cloud storage for you to store the recordings at a nominal price. However, we also give you the option to save the recordings directly to your own cloud storage at no extra cost e.g. for compliance requirements.

At present, recordings can only be stored to S3 buckets. Options of S3 bucket providers below:

do I get volume discount on recording and storage?

No. We already offer best price on our recording and storage costs. Volume discount applies only on the meeting cost because when your usage increases we save on the meeting cost. We pass on the benefit to you rather than adding it to our profit.

do you offer special pricing for non profits?

Yes. Please contact us if you are a non profit organization. 

What is volume based pricing?

When your usage reaches a certain threshold, the billing rate used for the calculation of meeting cost changes and you enjoy big volume discounts. Volume discount applies on your meeting cost.

Are free credits carried forward to next month?

No. Free credits cannot be carried forward to the next month and are supposed to be consumed within the current month.

do the features depend on the plan?

No. All the features are available to all the clients including custom logo irrespective of which plan their usage falls in.

what are meeting minutes?

Meeting minutes is the duration of a meeting in minutes. Multiplied by participant count will give you participant minutes.

How to enable recording to my cloud?

Recording to private cloud is currently only available on request. Please send us an email at with your consumer ID and cloud provider details to set this up.

what about data security?

We store only the minimum information needed to share the meeting usage stats and participant list with you. You can even choose to disable collection of participant display names.

Your production meetings are secured and recordings are separated for each of our clients and stored securely. We also provide you an option to store your recordings to a cloud provider of your choice into your own account.

For more details please read our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

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